Elyon recaps its first closed beta and plans its second for mid-August


The first closed beta phase for Elyon has passed, and the team is now recapping how that test went and what player feedback was like. One of the first things that the developers noticed was that there was a significant faction imbalance in favor of the Ontari, which is something that the second closed beta will be trying to address somewhat (albeit while avoiding strict factional restrictions). It also looks like Elementalists were the most popular class of the lot, with Assassins sitting as the least popular.

Of course, the second closed beta test will be when players can start trying out the Slayer, which may adjust overall balance somewhat. The bad news is that you’ll have to wait a little longer for that second test, with the plan currently slotting that test at mid-August to allow more time for balance adjustments and localization. Still, there seems to be plenty to look forward to when the second test rolls around just the same.


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Bojan Mihaljević
6 months ago

Action combat, PvP… Ah… If only im 30 years younger.
I cant even aim with tab targeting, free aiming… Tragedy.
And as i can see great skill system, similiar to GW1 which i adored.
Ah, back to waiting.

Kickstarter Donor
6 months ago

CBT2 will be the first chance to get your hands on the Slayer class and rain blood down on your enemies

Man, I already really like the community team for this game – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbyswHABG3Q