RuneScape prepares for Elder God War and a summertime event, Old School RuneScape makes smaller updates


Soon, players of RuneScape will have to face the ominous approach of both a realm-defining war and a summery celebration event. Whichever poison players choose, there will be consequences. Fun will be had. Prepare thyselves.

The war in question, of course, is the ongoing Elder Gods War, which is reaching its zenith soon with an upcoming dungeon experience that promises to be the MMORPG’s “most diverse God Wars Dungeon yet” and will be delivered over the course of the month on four different fronts. A debut trailer is due to premiere this coming Friday, July 16th, while the post linked above has details on minimum requirements and recommended skill levels for the new dungeon.

As for the summer event, players are being warned that the Beach is returning on Monday, July 12th, and will run until Sunday, August 8th. Those who have taken part in this summertime tradition will find familiar mechanics along with the removal of the Beach Ball Rolling game, the addition of new and old cosmetics, and the return of the Dungeoneering Hole.

As for RuneScape’s update earlier this week, the game is continuing its 20th anniversary celebration with a new miniquest, as well as adding a new Yak Track and a few overall fixes to mobile, the city of Senntisten, and more. There’s updates in Old School RuneScape as well, most of which are described as “small changes and tweaks” to Phosani’s Nightmare and equipment balance.

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