Dual Universe launches beta patch 0.26 ‘Apollo’ today with shield, asteroids, and chairs


Are you sitting down? Because that’s a thing you can do in Dual Universe with the game’s most recent patch. Beta patch 0.26, known as “Apollo” to its friends, has added new elements to the game like actual chairs you can sit in for all the luxury and enjoyment you would ask for from a chair. There are other new objects too, of course, but none of them possesses the awe-inspiring, butt-suspending properties of having a chair to sit in.

The update also brings in asteroids for players to track, mine out, and hopefully fight over as they fly through the spacelanes. On top of that, there’s the new shield system to ensure that there’s a buffer of durability when ships engage in a fight, part of the overall push for PvP balancing. The game’s next update, Demeter, is already in development, but for now you can just kick back and enjoy the new changes from your place inside of your new comfortable chair.

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