RIFT quietly retires free subscription trial from Steam


Fans of RIFT haven’t seen a lot to give them optimism about the MMO’s future this year, especially following team layoffs and transfers back in March. While the title continues to roll out sale promotions and the odd event, it hasn’t put out a patch since February or seen meaningful dialogue with Gamigo in months.

Unless, of course, Gamigo really wants RIFT players to support its latest game. Then the company shows up for a chat.

Anyway, there’s been another disquieting development for the game, as MMO Fallout’s Connor noted that Gamigo quietly retired a seven-day free subscription pass that used to available as a promotion on Steam. What this portends for the future of RIFT, we don’t know, but it’s not encouraging.

Source: Twitter

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I bet if they just dropped the subscription period the game would get a bounce. So many things are tied to that sub. like the amount of XP, you get doing anything in the game. The game needs new players willing to try it but then they see the restrictions for not subbing to a dead game and bail on it.

Danny Smith

I’m still surprised they haven’t quietly retired Rift.

Malcolm Swoboda

I don’t care. Someone start a good pirate Classic RIFT server and as long as it isn’t ridden with issues, I’ll be there.

Bruno Brito

Both RIFT and Allods are the kind of games you would assume there would be Classic pservers for it, and they don’t.

Bogs my mind.

Kickstarter Donor

This game had so much potential, it’s sad to see that it is now just a shadow of its former self.

Kickstarter Donor

In truth, it would have been dying by now anyways, even if they hadn’t P2W’d it and released some…uninspired…expansions.