Guild Wars 2 teases logograms and elite specs as End of Dragons speculation escalates

Guild Wars 2 players have been busy debating the teases ArenaNet is dropping for End of Dragons. Last week, of course, we got the deets on the Mesmer Virtuoso, alongside what looks to be some sort of Necromancer shadowhuntery thing. This week, we’ve got a teaser pic for another elite spec; it looks to be some sort of armor-bedecked dual-wieldy toon. While you might have been tempted to guess it was Revenant or Thief spec, the prevailing consensus is that it’s probably a Guardian spec, largely thanks to the colors and armor peeking through the blanked version. Of course, that isn’t stopping the wild speculation about the rest of the elites based on the icons we have so far.

We won’t find out for sure until next week, when those two specs are revealed by the studio. In the meantime, ArenaNet is also teasing some of the logograms it mentioned last month.

Finally, I give you the Guild Wars 2 player who decided to collect 420 rocks from The Last Chance and stash them. Why? Because he can. There’s a stone joke in here somewhere.

Anet doesn’t want you to know this, but all the rocks in The Last Chance are free. You can take them home. I have 420 rocks. from Guildwars2

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