Skyforge prepares players for a month of invasions and a summer event in August


What’s the true meaning of summer? Fighting off snake monsters. No, wait, maybe it’s fighting off demons. Depending on your platform for playing Skyforge, it’s going to be one or the other. Players on the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC are still dealing with the Gorgonide invasion and fighting off snakes, but players on the Nintendo Switch are going to have a demon invasion coming their way starting on August 12th. Invading monsters to kill. That’s just what summer is like.

Wait, maybe it isn’t, because the game is also kicking off a new Summer Breeze event starting on August 18th for PC players and August 19th for all the various console players. Maybe that will contain the true meaning of summer. Or maybe the true meaning of summer is a seasonal point of the planet orbiting around a star. The point is that there’s stuff going on in Skyforge throughout August wherever you play, all right? Don’t make it weird.


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