EVE Online creates the Fleet Up program to support IRL community events, starts testing its Mac client


Some people are starting to feel confident enough to meet up and gather in real life again, whether it’s for smaller get-togethers or some larger events like, say, a community-run meetup for fans and players of EVE Online. CCP Games is hoping to facilitate and support player events for the spaceship MMO, and it’s willing to throw a bit of official support to sweeten the deal.

CCP’s Fleet Up initiative is highlighting community events as well as giving those events swag items, unique SKINs, and even offering to have developers join in either in-person or via video calls. CCP is even giving organizers of events a unique Fleet Up hoodie, and the studio further plans to provide Omega time and PLEX to the individuals and teams behind EVE Online meetups, depending on the type of event.

In other EVE news, this past Wednesday saw the game start a public playtest of the native Mac client. Testing is intended to refine EVE’s Mac version, with adjustments to graphics, performance, input, and more. The test will run until Monday, August 16th.

source: official site (1, 2)
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