Blade and Soul 2 offers a quick look at sword versus axe one-on-one PvP gameplay


There have been plenty of videos coming out of Blade and Soul 2, but a vast majority of them have been pre-rendered CG animations, with only one trailer actually showing active gameplay. That trailer count has increased to two now, as the game has offered a new video with some 1v1 PvP action.

The video pits a sword user against an axe user, with the former offering a few quick tricks to get out of danger, counter strikes, or make opponents dizzy or launch them in the air. The axe, meanwhile, has a blocking skill, abilities to keep foes in close range, and the axe-wielding classic spin-to-win move.

Readers will recall that BnS2 won’t have classes so much as combat styles tied to weapons. Readers will also recall that the game is heading for an August 26th launch in South Korea, so we can probably expect more trailers of this type. As for this one, that can be watched below.

source: YouTube via MMO Culture

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It has been a long time coming! Whew! I had given up that it was ever going to be released.

Combat is going to be even better which is the games strong point. But now, heavily populated areas and content such as raids and dungeons will bug much improved as well.

Let’s go!!!


Mr. rafael, Mr. rafael, how doth your garden groweth?

…just to let you knoweth the pigtails are back in the Earthen Realm battling the forces of the Dark Lord. Hope to see you there again. If not before, but at least after UE4 patch drops. /bows