Daybreak breaks up with the Wandering Monster studio trademark


Sorry, brain-hungry zombies, it’s not going to work out. Just know that it’s not you; it’s Daybreak Game Company.

Last year we noted that Daybreak filed yet another trademark for a possible subsidiary under the name of Wandering Monster Games. Good money was placed in the MassivelyOP office that this was in regard to the H1Z1 franchise, but nothing was for certain because Daybreak never publicly talked about it.

And now it’s a moot point. As MMO Fallout first reported, the studio quietly let the trademark expire in late July after holding on to it for over a year. The now-defunct trademark was for “downloadable video game softare” that offered “online facilities for real-time interaction,” but that’s the totality of secrets that this form revealed.

Daybreak is still running its other games under various subsidiaries: Rogue Planet Games was created to run the PlanetSide franchise, Dimensional Ink for DC Universe Online and other titles, and Darkpaw Games for the EverQuest franchise.

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