Path of Exile will detail its Scourge expansion during an October 14 livestream


It’s time to feel the Scourge in Path of Exile. Or it will be later this month as the ARPG’s next expansion is coming soon to PC players on Friday, October 22nd, and to console players on Wednesday, October 27th. Before then, though, there’s going to be a livestream that offers up more details.

This livestream is set to premiere on Thursday, October 14th, at 3:00 p.m. EDT on the game’s Twitch channel, where viewers will get full details on the Scourge expansion’s feature set, followed by a live Q&A between ZiggyD and Chris Wilson. There will also be Twitch Drops enabled for those who are eager for free shiny while watching a stream about the new shiny. Basically, there’s some shiny coming in a few weeks’ time.

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