Past Fate details its latest closed alpha patch, promises details for next open alpha soon™


The indie sandbox MMORPG Past Fate keeps on trucking through its alpha testing steps. The most recent step is a rather sizeable patch that went live yesterday for its current closed alpha, bringing what it calls “major changes” to the sandbox MMO.

Points of note for this update include a full remake of Westborough, the starting region for the Morstah faction; the introduction of the Valfalk faction and the snowy region of the Svigrun Ice Plains; and the addition of a fully explorable underworld that opens when player characters die full of optional quests, though players can return to the land of the living by speaking with a Valkyrie and paying an undisclosed cost.

While this patch certainly has a number of new content additions for those already in the closed alpha, the question remains when the game will open its doors a little wider. We still have no answer to that question, but the devs did state on Twitter that details of the game’s third open alpha test will be coming soon.

Readers will recall that this game first hit our notice in December 2019, hitting Kickstarter in February 2020 and falling short of its first funding goal and following up with another crowdfunding attempt in July 2020 that ultimately was successful. Since then, the game has been in a closed alpha state, kicking out sporadic preview posts.

sources: Steam, Twitter
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