EverQuest activates dual giant and dragon raid events


Good omens come in threes, a trend that EverQuest likes to piggyback for several of its sporadic events. This month, Daybreak is combining two previous events — Dragons, Dragons, Dragons and Giants, Giants, Giants — into a new one called Raid, Raid, Raid.

“Will you find the courage to face so many foes?” the studio asked. “Will you live long enough for bards to write songs about your adventures? Only one way to find out!”

In the Dragons event, players attempt to kill waves of dragons — 21 in total — to earn special rewards for the group or raid. The Giants event works in a similar fashion, with better rewards doled out the further you progress. Despite the confusing wording on this announcement, Daybreak is not merging the events together but rather running them in parallel.

The event will conclude on December 7th.

Source: EverQuest. Thanks Wilhelm!

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