Vindictus upgrades to a 64-bit client in latest patch, prepares for a new roster addition in December


At the beginning of June we wondered whatever happened to Vindictus, the action combat MMO from Nexon that arrived to our side of the globe in 2010. In that recap we noted that the game had seen a variety of updates, and that still holds true in November and December, as the game has made a couple of noteworthy reveals.

Earlier this week the game put out a new patch that started to beta test a 64-bit client to the game. The patch otherwise has made some improvements to body type settings, made some character balance changes, and tweaked some loot drops.

Speaking of characters, the month of December will see the arrival of Dan-ah, a warrior with a swift sword and some manner of heavenly power. There’s not much information about the character beyond some backstory, a release date of Tuesday, December 7th, and a teaser trailer that can be watched below.

source: official site (1, 2) via Reddit
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