Dark Age of Camelot invites new characters to catch up in Caledonia until December 6

Catching up, caching out.

Want an excuse to have a new experience inĀ Dark Age of Camelot? You could get exactly that with the game’s Catch Up in Caledonia event that’s running right now until December 6th. Newly created characters will be zoned right into Caledonia, and this special version of the battlefield will have no one there to fight other than other players. So what do you do to level up? You fight other players, naturally. What else would you do?

As is implied by the event, of course, players will progress rapidly by fighting in the area, moving from level 1 to level 50 and earning gear, realm ranks, master levels, and champion levels quickly during the event. There’s also a daily level cap to be observed, plus a buff for players who are behind the daily leveling sprint to help them catch up. Whether you’re new to the game and want to level up purely through PvP or you’re an old hat just looking forward to leveling through different means, the event is for you.

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