Star Wars Galaxies rogue server SWG Legends updates Smuggler slicing and weapon ‘freedom of skin’ system


Smugglers, if SWG Legends’ last slicing update didn’t do it for you, well then I’m not even sure why you’re a Smuggler. But in any case, the December update has even more Smuggler stuff for you in the form of more slicing enhancements as well as a revised system for weapon skinning that everyone’s going to love.

The popular Star Wars Galaxies NGE rogue server this week patched in multiple changes as mandated by the game’s elected senators, including the weapon “freedom of skin” update.

“New Appearance Damage Bonus Bits and Elemental Damage Bonus Bits will now drop from heroics, world bosses, and Bounty Hunter missions. All non-heroic 2% weapons will have an optional slot for a new appearance bonus bit that will increase the appearance damage bonus up to 2% (depending on experimented quality during crafting). […] This change is NOT RETROACTIVE. Appearance damage and range bonuses will not apply to weapons already crafted. Only weapons crafted following the release of this update will have these additions. A new Weapon Elemental Kit Schematic has been added to the Weaponsmith’s Profession Wheel. This kit will grant +1 elemental damage bonus for a weapon that does not have an elemental bonus yet. This may be applied to existing weapons.”

Depending on your playstyle, you’ll want to take a peek at the whole list, as there are some caveats for specific weapons, like pistol range and heavy weapons bonuses.

And as for those slicing changes I mentioned at the top? “The effect of slicing on enhancements has been increased across all tiers,” the patch notes say. The devs have also made Vayerbok actually work (yay), improved slicing chances at higher tiers, tweaked slicing costs, and better displays weapon’s skill modifiers.

Source: SWGL
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