Star Wars Galaxies Legends just restored language-learning and expanded smuggler slicing


I have grumped before about logging into an MMORPG and having a mechanic upended so thoroughly that it’s cost me days or weeks of playtime or piles of credits, but while the recent SWG Legends patch does just that, I am not at all sad about it. And that’s because it’s in the service of some long-awaited gameplay.

Just ahead of the weekend, the Star Wars Galaxies rogue server patched in a slew of fixes and changed pushed through by the player-run Senate, and they just so happen to include a major expansion of Smuggler slicing. Readers will recall that slicing was originally one of the Smuggler’s core lines, along with spice crafting, but slicing was hit hard by the NGE and was ultimately turned into a mission bonus gimmick. Not anymore, though.

“Master Smugglers are now able to slice weapon enhancements /*augmentations (maximum up to the normal cap of +30 crit /*+250 health or action). There are 4 tiers of slicing, each slice attempt adds to the customization of the weapon (up to 100%), fails will also count toward the customization. New schematics for laser knifes and basics slice tools have been added to the profession wheel of the Smuggler Class. Higher tier slice tools are available for purchase from Aurilia and can be looted from various mobs throughout the galaxy.”

And what are all the Smugglers going to imbibe while slicing away? The new Vayerbok, of course; the old agility drink was reworked to have a slicing bonus instead, meaning I was scurrying around all weekend making more.

Current and former players should check out the rest of the notes; there are brand-new crafted vehicle upgrade kits and crafted armor enhancements kits awaiting engineers and armorsmiths, along with tweaks for jetpacks, medics, and beastmasters. Also: Language-learning is back! “Languages from other species, such as Bothese and Ryl, can now be learned from members of your group who already know those languages.” Finally!

YouTuber and friend-of-the-site Napyet has a video hitting the highlights:

Source: Patch notes
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