Burning Crusade Classic winds down Season 2 PvP, hands out belated Christmas gifts


For those who have a new year’s resolution of climbing as high as they can in World of Warcraft Classic’s arena leaderboards, they only have a couple more weeks to do it before the almighty reset button is hit. Blizzard announced that Burning Crusade Classic’s PvP Season 2 is coming to a conclusion on January 11th.

The studio said that the end of Season 2 will be followed by both Season 3 and the third phase of Burning Crusade Classic content “in early 2022.”

Meanwhile, players who found themselves lacking a certain Winter’s Veil gift on December 25th due to a bug can grab it now: “Greatfather Winter hid his best present a bit too well this year, but he’s now found it and returned it to the top of the pile in Ironforge and Orgrimmar. Apologies and enjoy your Clockwork Rocket Bot!”

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