Fractured Online outlines plans to run a 24/7 beta test in 2022 in end-of-year address


It most certainly has been an interesting year for the sandbox MMORPG Fractured Online, not the least of which being the game’s publishing deal with Gamigo. Of course, there were other headlines from the year that was for the game, which were all recounted in an end-of-year address, nodding towards features added during its spring and fall alphas along with newly hired developers to the Dynamight Studios team.

Naturally, the letter looks ahead to what’s coming this year, which involves plans to push Fractured into a 24/7 beta test. The overall plan is to have just one wipe of the beta build before official release, though additional wipes may be needed due to major game changes, imbalance or other game-breaking issues. Features of the game’s beta build will include a “major” backend engine update that promises “dramatic” server performance, a second continent, the introduction of the Beastmen and Demons along with each group’s first continents, the addition of seasons, new world events, and additional language support.

Timing for Fractured’s always on beta test hasn’t been outlined yet, but followers of the MMORPG should look forward to more in-depth details in the coming weeks and months, as well as closer looks at the beta’s feature set.

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