Albion Online posts sweeping combat balance changes in latest patch


The latest Albion Online update is a hodge-podge of tweaks and enhancements to the Lands Awakened build, including what Sandbox Interactive is calling “extensive combat balance changes.”

“This patch sees the largest combat balance update since Lands Awakened launched,” the studio says. “Firstly, certain combat systems – Resilience, AoE Escalation, Crowd Control, and Diminishing Returns – have been adjusted, broadly in favour of smaller groups in combat. In light of these adjustments, changes have also been made to some weapons and armors – such as Cursed Staff and Cleric Robe – in order to keep their gameplay fair and competitive.”

If you’re still working up your War Gloves, know that they’ve gotten a balance pass too – to buff them.

“Post-update adjustments improved the gameplay of the new War Gloves weapon line, but in terms of effectiveness they were still not quite where they needed to be. Various aspects have therefore been further improved. Q-abilities with more utility like Dragon Leap and Shock Wave have been adjusted to encourage using only the first part of the ability for constant damage on a low cooldown. The second part of the ability should then be used deliberately, to commit to utility at the cost of a higher cooldown. Additionally, various E-abilities were improved.”

The studio has also rebalanced some static dungeon mobs and patched in a slew of quality-of-life adjustments, including persistent party markers, better loot display, improvements to some city visuals, new inventory buttons, party invite changes, market UI tweaks, and food buff notifications.

Incidentally, if you’re an Albion player, make sure you take the survey that dropped into your email earlier this week. Sandbox is clearly using these to prioritize future updates and scout out where the current playerbase’s interests truly lie.

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