Ultima Online is aiming to launch UO New Legacy in 2022


As promised, publish 112, with its plethora of event and anniversary rewards, released to the production servers of Ultima Online earlier this week, but that isn’t what this post is about. Nope, we’re zooming in on the game’s newsletter, which seems to have quietly announced a 2022 launch for Ultima Online New Legacy. Here’s the whole quote from Broadsword’s Bonnie Armstrong:

“With the completion of Publish 112 I want to talk about what we have in store for Ultima Online for 2022. Our primary focus this year is to deliver Ultima Online to the broadest audience ever with the release of UO: New Legacy. UO:NL will give those who have yet to experience the magic of Ultima Online a chance at a fresh start on a shard designed to capture the essence of UO as both an RPG and MMO, giving them their own opportunity to write their own legacy and be part of this amazing community! The team has been hard at work finalizing the underlying systems and tools needed to deliver on this goal and we are excited to share our progress in the coming weeks through our live streams!”

Fans of the almost-25-year-old MMO know that New Legacy was originally announced back in 2020 as an alternative ruleset server that essentially reimagines the Ultima Online experience for new players with simplified and more immersive mechanics and systems, organized in seasons that eventually push players to the core servers.

The newsletter also promises some seasonal dynamic content for the existing playerbase and touts the addition of a new developer, Parallax, to the tiny team.

Source: Newsletter
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