Final Fantasy XIV once again has a free trial open for non-players

Try again.

So for a little while there Final Fantasy XIV was so popular that it needed to kind of scale back on how many people were arriving on the servers, and so the developers needed to put the skids on something. That meant temporarily disabling the game’s unlimited free trial, which allowed you to play all of the base game as well as the first expansion Heavensward completely for free with no restrictions on playtime. But there’s good news, because the expansion load has decreased somewhat and now players can once again sign up for the trial.

The free trial itself hasn’t changed in any way, to be clear: It’s still the base game and the first expansion, still allows you to play any of the jobs available in that content and level up to your heart’s content, still allows you to group with others with the same restrictions, and so forth. All that’s changed is that it’s active again. So you may once again hear about the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV with an unlimited free trial… eh, you know the meme by now.

Source: Twitter
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