Swords of Legends Online’s Langquan Bridge normal-mode raid is live today


Swords of Legends Online endgamers are in for a treat today as Gameforge has dropped a patch for a patch – specifically, it’s rolled out the next raid under the Firestone Legacy update banner: Langquan Bridge. The normal version of Langquan, unlocking today, is a 10-to-20-person raid aimed at 175 item level players that fully intends to kick your butt while you try to squeeze some level 180 gear out of it. The easy version, unlocking Sunday, is aimed at lower item levels and dishes out commensurately weaker rewards.

“The long bridge that connects the Heavenly Gate Labyrinth to Langquan is truly magnificent, like the sparkling lights of the firmament. The long history of war between demons and immortals has led to it being broken and rebuilt countless times, and those with ill intent continue in their attempts to traverse it into the immortal realm to this day. But the bridge has been captured by Haocang and Zhong Wuchi. They have positioned their demon army to block the Qin League, while they attempt to break through the walls into Langquan. Are you brave enough to venture across the bridge?”

You can call it bravery if you like! While you get up your nerve, take a peek at the walkthrough video and patch notes.

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