CCP Games outlines coming attractions for 2022’s EVE Fanfest in-person event


As EVE Online’s Fanfest draws near, we are now at the point when CCP Games is going to drum up all the hype for the returning in-person event by way of a lineup of coming attractions for the latest “party at the top of the world.”

As one might expect, there will be panels at Fanfest 2022 related to art, audio, data, and helping new players along with the game’s keynote presentation. Other events happening will include the return of the CCP’s CCP Games Games, a charity dinner to benefit Ablegamers, and the Invasion World Tour grand finals esports event, along with some local tourist attractions lauded by the studio and pre-Fanfest Mixers.

In the interest of public safety, we do note that at the time of this writing the CDC still has Iceland on its do not travel list due to COVID infection rates, and further point out that the country’s chief epidemiologist called for infections to spread to develop herd immunity earlier this month. As ever, the final decision is yours to make, and CCP did offer up a few lines that it would be working with local health authorities, but please be safe and smart.

As one final note, CCP’s PLEX for Good to benefit Ukraine is ending this coming Tuesday, March 22nd, so those who can afford to donate have a limited window to do so.

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