PlanetSide 2 begins public testing of its massive Arsenal Update


PlanetSide 2 is getting a huge Arsenal Update, and it’s so big the devs at Daybreak’s Rogue Planet Games are eager to show it off and get it into testing. Thus begins the update’s first PTR round this past weekend, and sure enough, it is a prodigious arsenal. Just a huge arsenal. All up in your face.

The notes for this testing round are indeed lengthy, outlining updates to things like Basilisk weapons, changes to infantry suits, abilities, and implants, and updates to grenades, mines, and specific weapons. The other primary feature of the update – the new weapon attachments – is apparently so lengthy that the team needs an Excel spreadsheet to collect it all, but crafting that table will take some more time in order to make the chart presentable; the notes are so large that they’re actively incomplete right now.

“The reason we wanted to get this build out in front of the community as quickly as we have is because the sheer volume of data in this update is massive, and there will inevitably be bugs and polish that we want to get resolved as quickly as we can,” the post explains. “There is a lot going into this update, and some of that is not yet completed. If something looks bugged, out of place, or just missing, it might be coming down the pipe in the next update.”

For those who are eager to test the next PS2 update, you’ll want to get comfy and take a look at the shooter’s whole arsenal.

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