Revival studio’s Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed spooks you with a chance to trap your friends

Who you gonna call?


If you’re still high off of last year’s excellent Ghostbusters: Afterlife, you can keep the good times going with even more spectral busting in 2022. Studio Illfonic announced the creation of Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed, a 4v1 title coming to multiple platforms later this year.

IllFonic, we note here, is a long-running indie studio that’s dabbled in many games, including MMORPGs; in our genre, it’s best-known for its work on Star Citizen and for the now-canceled MMORPG Revival, a crowdfunded grimdark game that was notable for its promise of “taking a shit, pissing, having sex, slavery, [and] serial killing.” That took a turn, didn’t it!

Anyhow, IllFonic revealed this new game’s official trailer this week, highlighting the opportunity to strap on a proton pack and go nuclear on spooks and ghosts. The fun twist is that while four players will team up to battle together, a fifth will lead the ectoplasmic terrors in direct opposition.

Ernie Hudson (Winston) and Dan Aykroyd (Ray) are reprising their roles (plus Slimer!) — this time as advisors — as players utilize particle throwers, ghost traps, the ECTO-1, and more to accomplish their missions. Matches will take around 10 minutes and should be family-friendly.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is aiming for a Q4 2022 release on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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