Ship of Heroes teases challenge missions and its 20-mile-long spaceship


When a dev blog begins with “Massive Plasma Cannons!” you know you’re in for something explode-y. So begins Ship of Heroes’ latest entry, in which Heroic Games highlights Plasma Cannon Defense, a challenge mission currently under development, in order to demonstrate the size and scale of the ship itself – the titular ship the whole game is set on.

“We often get questions about the scale of the FHS Justice,” Heroic says. “Many people hear that the game is set aboard a spaceship and think of ships from Star Trek, or perhaps Firefly. But Ship of Heroes takes inspiration more from massive vessels like the spaceships in Independence Day, or the Imperial Star Destroyers of Star Wars. The massive cannon room you see below helps to convey the sheer size that ships can reach in the 25th century. The FHS Justice is over 20 miles long, and it has dozens of these cannons, plus other weapons. So do Nagdellian motherships.”

The mission itself involves “hostile boarding parties” and waves of attackers teleporting into the ship, which is where those cannon come in. The studio’s dropped several videos in addition to reiterating that a fresh round of feature beta is still on the way.

Source: Official site, press release
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