Revival’s development has been indefinitely suspended


We’re sorry to report this afternoon that indie grimdark sandbox Revival is being put on indefinite hold. Illfonic‘s Adam “Snipehunter” Maxwell has posted that formal work on the client is coming to a halt and sales of homes in-game will end, though he’s also hinted that unpaid work will continue and said “it’s not completely dead.”

“So, what went wrong? I suppose the mistake, if one is to be called out, came in the thought that we could soldier through on what we have available. It goes something like this: When we first set out to build Revival, we had access to expertise and resources that aren’t available today. Making up for their loss, be it as simple as lacking sufficient animators or as complicated as losing access to certain networking expertise, has been a costly affair, far more costly than we can honestly afford to bear. So, what does that mean? Is Revival completely dead?

Look, we’ve waited nearly 20 years to make Revival, and maybe we can wait a little longer, so no, it’s not completely dead. It’ll be a cold day in Animae’s realm before I give up on Revival and most of us at IllFonic feel the same way, but however we determine to move forward with it, none of us feel comfortable playing some “business as usual” game while we work it out. We’re going to have to figure some new way to make Revival happen, but we’re not going to lie to you while we do and that’s what this is about. So, is Revival dead? I really don’t know, but whatever happens, it won’t be moving ahead the way we’d planned its current form at IllFonic. We have some ideas on how we can move forward, but they aren’t a true plan yet and they aren’t a guarantee.”

Founders who’ve already put money into the game aren’t completely screwed.

“You can still access everything you’ve got access to today. Your renovation kits, your properties; all of it. We have no plans to turn them off or shut down access in the foreseeable future. We’re also going to unlock visitation access to all of the properties you don’t currently have access to, including the estates. You won’t “own” them, but you will be able to see every home that you couldn’t before. I know it’s not much, but you made a lot of work possible and you should at least be able to see it, right? Next, you will receive a steam key for Nexuiz, one of IllFonic’s first games and the first game Ombwah and I ever collaborated with IllFonic to make. Finally, you’ll also receive a steam key for Moving Hazard, one of the new projects currently under development here, and presently in Early Access in steam.”

Revival was best known for its implementation of radical game mechanics, including slavery and prostitution. Here’s a quick look at some of our coverage of the game over the past year:

Source: Official forums. Thanks, Kinya.

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people who pay for founders packs shouldnt want stuff like refunds anyways, yuu give your money to people to help make a game that hasnt even released yet yuu cant expect that your money will still be their if something bad happens (of which, bad stuff happen all the time), and if the game doesnt make it (though this games development is only dormant now) yuu’ll just have to deal with it, its more like and investment rather than yuu buying the game, its your own fault for being arrogant if yuu expect refunds and such.
((i just felt like bringing this up >.>  ))
i was looking forward to this game (among many others that also seem to dip into a cave), people ask for realism, and then they mock them for doing it, one of the more annoying issues.



No time to waste, yet you’ve had time to respond by cursing and speaking derogatorily to every single person who stated that they were glad they dodged this Shitstorm bullet by not investing into this shady-as-hell game.

We get it, you’re in bed with this game.  It’s okay.  You can come out. You don’t have to pretend to hide your bias.

It is funny that after dozens of posts of insulting others for not sharing your opinion on this game, that you decided to call me an ignoramus.  That’s actually quite cute.  

You humored me quite a bit, and I am going to stop responding to you, because, much like this game, you’ll die off with it and the whole experience will be quite forgettable for those who didn’t waste any money on this garbage.  Sadly, you won’t have that luxury.  

You keep telling yourself whatever it is you need to tell yourself to make yourself feel like your investment in this game was worth it.  

And I will admit, everyone reading this will know I’m an idiot for responding to your level of stupidity when they all just decided to  ignored you when you spout off your low-level insults, bitching and whining and crying because your game is dying.
except for McSleaz

He knows where it’s at.


AnthonyPassmore Lethality I’m not responding point-by-point because apparently you have time to waste where I do not. But here are some quick facts to stuff your bra with:

Fact 1: Illfonic doesn’t own Revival
Fact 2: The developers continue to work on the game as we speak.
Fact 3: They never said it was funded. 
Fact 4: They have been up front and honest from day 1.
Fact 5: They created thousands of custom high-quality art assets.
Fact 6: You sure use words like “probably” and “likely” a lot.
Fact 7: You’re an ignoramus. I’m not trying to insult you, just describing what I see.

Everyone reading this knows your a fool who has no knowledge of the game’s plan and continue to make shit up. So, why not save whatever integrity you have left and leave.



You might want to seek some psychiatric help.  You’re quite delusional with that amount of denial you have.  There is no Revival Game.  There probably won’t be, and Illfonic is going to go under.  

Games aren’t made with unicorns and wishes.  They require money, time, and skill/talent. 

I remember when i first read about this game and they mentioned the game was fully funded and they were just selling houses.

yet here we are, what about a year later, and the door is closing on them.    If money wasn’t a problem, they’d actually hire developers who could make the game. 

But they can’t.   Because they can’t fund them. Because it appears the whole foundation of this game, rode on 2 – 3 people, and since they left, probably to find gainful employment elsewhere, this game cannot advance.

Any development company that cannot operate/create when one of it’s developers leaves, is not to be trusted as a business to begin with.  From a managerial standpoint, employees are meant to be replaceable. 

Here are some inevitable truths or conspiracies  for you if  you wish to think of them that way.  it’s a bitter pill to swallow, but given how much you’ve been mouthing off, I’m sure you’ve swallowed bigger. 

1.) Illfonic lured you and many others into a false sense of security by stating the game was funded and didn’t require crowd funding.  This was to ease you into step 2, so you felt like your investment was secure.

2.) They began selling houses in their yet to be created virtual world using Middleware (UE4).  Unreal Engine is an incredibly easy engine to get started in as far as gaming engines go.  They have whole libraries of assets that you can purchase for your game, as well.  They also have support representatives that can help you accomplish tasks. 

3.) They began selling assets for your house that you purchased; assets that they probably didn’t develop themselves, but purchased with money they raised with your investment.

4.) This goes on for months before the door closes on this game, and it goes into indefinite hiatus.  

5.) The fact that you’re saying you’re having fun pretending to be martha stewart  in a small cot in a non-existent game with no content;  If this helps you sleep at night so be it, it has no ill effects on me how you spend your stupidity.  

6.) you need to work on your insulting skills.  you rely too much no ignoring points, denying truths, name calling and swearing, and it all comes off rather unimaginative and unintelligent.  

So what are you going to do when those servers inevitably close down and you can’t spend your solitary, sad existence on dunwich harbor?

The ultimate outcome, as identified in this article only further serves to prove my point, and gives you no legs to stand on.


AnthonyPassmore That’s your problem – you see it as a scam and it is not. Also if I have to repeat it one more fucking time. It is not a crowded funded project. There was no “campaign”. Had they wanted one? Damn right they would have had material to show.

All I know is I’m playing more Revival today 1 year after backing than I am Crowfall after 2 years, and lets not even get into the perpetual delays of CU. Revival fully delivered on their Phase 1. The other games you mentioned are tiny, non-MMOs. Not even close to the scope of Revival. 

Sorry if $40 puts you on the street. Grow up, get a job and put your money where your mouth is. And top being an ignorant twat on topics you don’t have a clue about.


Lethality AnthonyPassmore 
Thank you.  For years, I’ve been looking for the text book definition of what a Fool is.  And now you’ve so graciously shown me.  
You let illfonic urinate down your back and tell you it’s raining, and instead of calling them out on it, you spew vitriol against those who weren’t so stupid as to let them.  You’ve littered this comments section with your absolute nonsense,  and acting like a child against every person who is thankful they didn’t get caught up in this crapstorm.  
I haven’t whined about a single thing, and even sympathized with this game’s sad fate. yet here you are, repeatedly putting people down for being smarter than you.  
For wanting a game developer to put up or shut up.  or in this case, shut down. 
Crowfall & Camelot Unchained.  Do you know what these 2 games have in common?  Before they went asking for money, the provided a proof of Concept.  They’re putting their money where their mouth is and both games are shaping up to be fantastic.  

And where is revival?  At this point, I find their name to be quite the oxymoron. don’t you? 
All you got was Illfonic’s hollow promise of giving you a game with no proof or evidence that they were even capable of accomplishing it.   Anybody can do that.

You repeatedly stated that they’re “veteran game developers.” What a load of horse crap.    Because games like “Ghetto Golf” are going to be such a blockbuster hit, and their last game they released was utterly forgettable, and they were canned from the Star Citizen Project.

What do you call a developer that doesn’t develop?   Unemployed. 

I hope you do, infact put your money behind 1000 failed projects.  Maybe, just maybe, you will stop letting shady businesses take you down dark alleys to rob you, and maybe you’ll wisen up a bit. 

Until then, may you believe everything you hear.

Peace out.


Lethality who you calling snivelling and whiny? Did you read what you posted? Your the snivelly, whiny little bich that’s always white knighting this game. Go take a time out child.


AnthonyPassmore That’s not bullshitting… that’s called having a track record. 
And I hate to break it to you, that’s the new norm in an era where whiny, sniveling entitled gamers like yourself aren’t willing to pay for a game. 
Get it through your thick head – this wasn’t crowdfunded. This was an experienced, capable, responsible developer realizing that the resources they had lined up are currently unavailable, so they froze the project. 
But bitches like you come in and fail to appear intelligent by having “dodged a bullet.” You don’t even have a right to speak in situations like this. 
I will put my money behind 1000 failed efforts before I buy whatever it is you’re settling for right now. 
Now pipe down.


Someone sounds like a cruelly jilted lover. That’s sad. You’re a sad bitter person. Your comment says more about you than it does me with your bold ignorance and needless anger.
I’ve actually paid very close attention to this game since they began selling houses and fell in love with the concept. But I wasn’t willing to part with my money until they could show me some evidence that they had any idea as to what they were doing or could deliver on even the most basic concepts.
However, thereally was No proof of concept. If you can’t show proof of competency in your design that you’re trying to sell, regardless of what feats you’ve performed in the past, you don’t deserve the money for it.
Just because you got an A+ and a gold star in arithmetic doesn’t make you qualified to teach trigonometry. I don’t care that they “worked on rift or worked on star citizen.” You can only bullsh!t for so long before people take notice. Bullshitting may get you to the top but it won’t keep you there.
They couldn’t even adequately assume responsibility of their mistake and side stepped blame.
And they were using the unreal 4 engine which is totally free until you publish and they take a cut. So you can’t blame epic games for licensing fees.
I am saddened by the loss of this game as i would have loved to see it come to fruition, but all the warnings were months ago.
Overly ambitious individuals who had no idea how to deliver.
Now grow up or get your mommy to get you a bottle for that temper tantrum.


AnthonyPassmore They are a team of experienced MMO developers who in fact created the RIFT lore, world and mechanics. What more can someone bring to the table?
And stop with the condescending back-handed jack-assery. If you understood and paid one lick of god damned attention instead of opening your mouth and filling this comment with ignorance, you would know exactly why they started their modular development phase with housing.