The Elder Scrolls Online addresses login congestion issues and fixes two-factor authentication


Are you experiencing problems with logging in, long load screens, or traders not updating in Elder Scrolls Online? You’re most certainly not alone, as the past few weeks have been busy ones for the servers and the start of a free play event hasn’t likely helped in that regard. This has brought forth the devs at ZeniMax Online Studios to discuss the matter in a forum post.

According to the post, things are more stable, but events like the anniversary event and the run up to the next chapter as well as the aforementioned free play event always bring more stress to the login servers. The team assures players that the situation is being closely monitored and a login queue will be engaged if things get too hairy. Additionally, those who are showing they have one second left in the queue but never move past that point are asked to log out and log back in to get to the character selection screen.

The login problems have also brought rise to an apparently long-standing problem with the game’s two-factor authorization, as one long-time player states that 2FA is disengaged during free play events – an issue that he says has been something he reported to ZOS as far back as April 2020. Mercifully, the post has since been updated to report that 2FA is working once again, so the team appears to have finally addressed the matter.

As a reminder, ESO is planning a showcase livestream for the High Isle expansion at 4:00 p.m. EDT today, so those who want to see what’s coming will have something to watch. Particularly if they’re sitting in a login queue.

source: official forums (1, 2). Thanks, Wilbert!
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