Elder Scrolls Online’s eighth anniversary brings out bonuses, High Isle preview


The other day on the podcast, we were noting that Elder Scrolls Online turning eight this week seems downright young compared to some of the other big hitters on the MMO scene. In any case, ZeniMax is pulling out all the stops to celebrate the Anniversary Jubilee from April 7th through the 19th.

During the jubilee, players can grab a special quest to earn a free cake that will grant two-hour XP boosts. Additionally, there are extra rewards for daily quests and event tickets that can be saved up for some sweet rewards.

On top of that, the studio activated triple earnable weekly seals of endeavor as a way to apologize for the issues caused by Update 33.

Elder Scrolls Online players will also want to mark their calendars for April 14th. It’s on this Thursday that ZeniMax will show off the High Isle expansion, including its new card game and gameplay.

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