Mortal Online 2 adds bounty hunting system, adds three-strike rule for bans


If you’re planning on misbehaving in Mortal Online 2, you should probably be aware that the rules that govern how StarVault deals with you have changed. Previously, first-time offenders would’ve received a written warning for minor offenses, “followed by temporary bans and ultimately leading to a permanent ban after repeated offenses or immediately if the initial action was particularly egregious such as cheating, duping,” and so forth. But over the weekend, the studio announced that it’s switching to a clarified three-strike system.

“We wanted the new process to be as straightforward as possible for our players to understand, and so we will now be using a 3 strike system. You will no longer receive a written warning when found to be breaking the rules, you will instead receive a temporary ban of 3 days. If caught again you will receive a second temporary ban of two weeks, followed by a permanent ban on the third offense. Three strikes and you’re out. Unless the rule being broken warrants an immediate permanent ban. We hope this new system is a lot clearer to understand for all players, and leads to a better game environment for everyone. In an effort to be more transparent in regards to how many players have actually been banned, we will also periodically announce the number of bans that have occurred either through our automatic cheat detection systems or via manual GM intervention.”

The studio also pushed out patch on Saturday; it adds a bounty hunting system, looting commands, AI adjustments, and a rash of bug fixes.

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