EverQuest II opens its new Varsoon progression server


If the slate of advertisements on this very site wasn’t a clue already, know that a new progression server for EverQuest II known as Varsoon has officially opened, allowing players to start from the MMORPG’s long-ago beginnings once again.

For those who have experienced EQII’s other time-locked expansion (TLE) servers, Varsoon will be similar to Kaladim except trading of items that normally would be heirlooms will be available. Expansions will unlock approximately every 16 weeks with the exception of Desert of Flames, which will unlock in 12 weeks. Any content that was released in between expansions, including GU and Adventure Pack content, will be released eight weeks after its corresponding expansion goes live.

In addition, Varsoon has tuned down item reuse and casting speed to better align with server progression, opened several villages and their associated quests, and removed familiars as they are deemed “out of progression.”

Like other TLE servers, players have to have a subscription to enter Varsoon, so if you’re among that number, now is the time to start from scratch all over again. For those who want to follow along, EQ2Wire has hooked into Daybreak’s API to track all of the server’s created characters and their levels – and some folks have already hit 50. Also, kudos to the folks who came up with the guild name Boomer Council.

Incidentally, thanks to those who whitelist the ads. And no this isn’t sponsored; Daybreak doesn’t talk to us.

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