New World’s 3v3 arenas update is live, along with preferred character pronouns in chat


As promised, New World’s arenas are live today in the game’s May patch, with the new small-group PvP mode, as well as an updated reward track for PvP, the new Azoth Salt PvP currency, the continuation of the Varangian Knights storyline, and the introduction of The Depths dungeon to the mutator rotation.

“Step into the Arena to test your skills against other combatants! 3v3 Arenas are a new small-scale PvP game mode where teams of 3 can face off for fame, glory, and riches. You might even win a few unique housing items. Each Arena match is a “Best-of-5” contest. Fight to be the first team to win 3 rounds and secure the match for your team. Rounds are 2 minutes long, but if the battle lingers, a deadly ring of fire will push players to the center of the arena, forcing combatants to engage or die! Players level 20 and above can queue for 3v3 Arenas by opening the Modes menu, allowing on-demand PvP gameplay from anywhere in Aeternum. If players need a brief introduction to what the Arena is, they can speak to the fight promoter Maximus Marcellus in Everfall.”

Amazon also says that “players’ selected pronoun will now be reflected in chat” when using emotes. MMO gamers will already know that the game allowed per-character pronoun selection; now it’ll have an effect in chat too.

Amazon even released a trailer for the update.

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