DC Universe Online delays episode 45 to 2023 over ‘staff shortages’

Following cancellation of Marvel MMO and reported reinvestment into DCUO

Online, fine.

DC Universe Online’s executive producer Landon “Panderus” Falls has offered players a roadmap of updates planned for the rest of 2022 and just beyond, looking forward to the final three quarters of this year and providing some important release windows that fans will likely want to know about.

Starting with June through August, players can look forward to returning events like Save the Universe and Tides of War, free goodies for Pride month, and the return of Survival Mode, which will incidentally be the game’s first piece of six-player content. The devs are also working on a new seasonal event and introducing Superman and Krypto as allies.

The remainder of 2022 will focus on fall and winter events, another new ally, and the launch of Episode 44 for sometime in October. Incidentally, this means that Episode 45 is being pushed forward into a launch window of sometime next year as a result of “some recent staff shortages,” along with the planned new lair, a new PlayStation 5 client, and the game’s next anniversary event. More details are available in the developer update post and in the roadmap image below.

Readers might note that this 2022 roadmap feels a bit thin in the face of a first quarter financial report that called out “major upgrades” to both DCUO and LOTRO with the axing of the Marvel MMO project.

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