EVE Online’s ‘revitalized’ multiple character training monetization sends players into a tailspin


Why go through the “hassle” of having multiple accounts and multiboxing when you can pay more for the convenience of training multiple characters? That appears to be the question being posed by EVE Online to its players as part of a “revitalized” multiple character training monetization scheme, which lets players purchase certificates to have multiple characters on a single account get trained at the same time.

Unsurprisingly, EVE players are displeased with this new store item, with one such player offering an angry yet excellent breakdown with these certificates. “[Twenty-four] months of Omega subscription is $270.99, but 24 months of MCT is $379,” he writes. “Please give me a single reason why I would pay the exact same monthly cost as a subscription instead of just subscribing another account that is more useful because I can multibox it.”

Meanwhile, EVE is testing some new visual updates including prettier space clouds, a new UI, restyled career agents, and DirectX 12 integration.

sources: official site (1, 2), Reddit, thanks to Wilhelm for the tip!
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