Valheim pinpoints rollout windows for Xbox One, Xbox X|S, and the Microsoft Store


You might be overwhelmed with announcements this week, but here’s one more: Coffee Stain and Iron Gate revealed that they’re plopping survivalbox Valheim on Xbox One and Xbox X|S in spring of next year, following the PC addition on the Microsoft Store this fall.

The press release uses terms like “launch” and “release” rather loosely as the game is currently still in early access and presumably will continue to be, as no formal launch window is included, merely windows for entries on these different platforms. However, we do know that crossplay will be included.

“Both the upcoming Microsoft Store and Xbox console releases will have full crossplay support on launch, allowing Vikings to build, fight and survive together in the dangerous Norse afterlife, whether they’re playing on Steam, Microsoft Store or console. Developers Piktiv and Fishlabs have been enlisted to lead development of the Microsoft Store release and upcoming 2023 Xbox port to ensure new PC customers and Xbox users can enjoy the best performance possible on launch, while also allowing Iron Gate to continue the smooth development of the core Valheim experience and its next major update milestones.”

Source: Press release
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