ArcheAge adjusts hero missions and conflict times as XLGames secures a trademark for ArcheWar

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There’s a little something for the present and future prospects of ArcheAge in this news post. We’ll start with the present state of affairs, specifically a recent patch that has made adjustments to earning Leadership in Hero Missions, improved Ipnya Ridge weekly quests and daily Cracking Eggs quests, and adjusted the times for the Akasch Invasion as well as conflict and war times for the Great Prairie of the West area. Those who have those activities on their calendars can read the patch notes for details.

As for ArcheAge’s future, a Redditor has spotted a trademark filing by XLGames for the name ArcheWar, which immediately leads to the assumption that this will be the title for ArcheAge 2. It’s been a while since some news about this game crossed our desk: We first got official word of this title back in September 2020, which talked up aspirations to build “the next-generation large-scale AAA-class MMORPG.” Otherwise, we got a small preview from producer Jake Song in November 2020, while Kakao stated in a Q1 2021 fiscal report that AA2 shouldn’t be expected sooner than 2024 at least.

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