Digital Extremes recovers from server issues affecting Warframe and signups for Soulframe

Money is important, to be fair.

This past weekend was an understandably busy one for the devs of Warframe considering all of the reveals at TennoCon 2022, so most of the team understandably earned itself a break… which is precisely the prefect moment for the game’s server infrastructure to have a conniption fit.

The vast majority of issues affected the website for Soulframe, Digital Extremes’ newly announced fantasy MMO, with players reporting numerous registration errors across two different subreddits, while the official post from the devs noted that infrastructure problems were also affecting Warframe’s chat and the game itself; since most of the dev team gets a week off post-TennoCon, that left the self-described skeleton crew of devs to work with the studio’s infrastructure partners to correct the mess.

As of yesterday, the team checked in and reported that servers are stabilized once again. The post also promised that the team will keep a close eye on the servers and discuss recompense in the form of a 2x Resource Booster once the full dev team is back in from the break.

sources: official forums, Reddit (1, 2), Twitter, cheers anon!
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