Elder Scrolls Online takes players on a field trip through the Earthen Root Enclave DLC dungeon

The Elder Scrolls Online is continuing its tour through the features of the upcoming Lost Depths DLC, this time taking players on a little visit to the Earthen Root Enclave, one of the two dungeons that will be part of the bundle.

“For centuries, Earthen Root Enclave served as a haven for the druids of the Systres, regardless of what group they might belong to. But now, this solemn sanctuary has come under assault from the Firesong Circle—an unforgiveable violation!”

Players will be tasked with taking down this villainous group of druids, visiting three areas designed around the elements of stone, root, and air, all the while taking down three different bosses. Naturally, there are rewards awaiting those who cut down the Firesong Circle like a monster set, achievements, collectibles such as a hermit crab pet, and three unique gear sets.

The Lost Depths DLC and the subsequent free-to-everyone Update 35 of ESO is arriving on Monday, August 22nd.

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