PlanetSide 2 releases a ‘pre-war patch-up’ that fixes some issues for PC players


The bug fixing patch. We all know that it’s something of a staple and necessary evil for MMOs, MMORPGs, and multiplayer gaming. Such a patch has landed for PC players of PlanetSide 2, making some adjustments and fixes for Outfit Wars, the observer camera, and various other pieces of the game.

The bigger portion of the patch is related to Outfit Wars, which has addressed a “handful” of unspecified issues that last weekend’s testing of the mode identified, along with UI updates to accurately note match times, improved control for HUD team color indicators, and blocks to prevent players from joining a match after warmup as originally intended.

The patch additionally makes some tweaks to the observer camera that some accounts have access to, including a new slash command to observe an active Outfit Wars match and changes to how exiting observer mode works. Finally, there are general updates to visuals, the NS Scorpion, and a unique model for the decoy grenade.

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