Multiplayer survival sandbox Earth: Revival plans closed beta this weekend


If you just can’t get enough survival sandbox, Chinese studio Nuverse has another one for you to die in. It’s called Earth: Revival, and as revealed during Gamescom, it’s essentially a sci-fi survival MMO planned to launch next year on both PC and mobile.

“Set in 2112, Earth: Revival takes place on a ravaged and destroyed planet Earth, a result of an intergalactic conflict with a mysterious alien species. As Survivors of the war against the aliens, players will fight to reclaim Earth and restore what was lost. Nuverse’s debut game offers a unique combination of open world exploration, weapon and power armour combat and aspects of the survival genre. Players will be able to gather resources to craft weapons, scour the wilderness for rations and build their own cabins. Challenging endgame activities such as PvE raids, team based tournaments, battle royale mode and deadly boss battle events will also be available, as well as the option to interact with other players in social hubs and out in the wild.”

Nuverse announced today that it’s kicking off a closed beta for Earth: Revival this very weekend, running from September 2nd to 18th on PC and Android. You’ll need to preregister if you’re interested, but once accepted, you’ll be testing out several new features for the title, including a new icy wilderness biome and multiple PvP and PvEvP modes.

Source: Official site, press release
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