Foxhole makes its full launch on September 28 with the addition of factories and trains


The large-scale military MMO Foxhole hasn’t popped up on our radar very often, so let’s take a moment to look back at this one. First arriving to early access in 2017, Foxhole was called by developer Siege Camp “a large scale war game with emergent gameplay and unique sandbox features.” Our own streamer MJ hosted a stream of its early access launch then, and our Fight or Kite columnist Sam checked in in 2021, calling it “the ideal sandbox military war simulator for MMO gamers” at the time.

News from the game has otherwise been unremarkable but steady, with the devs making a total of 49 updates over the course of its early access period; the most unique story out of the game was an in-game labor strike this past January to protest manufacturing problems.

This brings us to today and the newly confirmed 1.0 launch date of Wednesday, September 28th, which will mark the end of early access. The so-called Inferno update will not only bring the game out of early access but introduce the ability to create rail networks to move supplies and vehicles over long distances.

The update will also greatly expand the logistical side of the game with the introduction of factory and sea port management, which has a deep level of management that players will have to keep track of as they manage power grids, oil pipelines, and mining ops. Finally, the Inferno update brings new weapons like flamethrowers, flame tanks, battle tanks, infantry-borne rockets, and incendiary rockets. Those eager to learn more about Foxhole’s 1.0 Inferno launch can catch up on the developer live-stream over on the official YouTube channel.

source: press release
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