Pantheon Rise of the Fallen continues its breakdown of pre-alpha classes and shows off updated models


Last month, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen offered a look at four of the seven playable classes that will be available in the MMORPG’s next pre-alpha test, detailing some of the updates and changes made as the game’s systems get updated. This month that preview continues, looking at updates to the Rogue, the Enchanter, and the Cleric.

In a nutshell, the Rogue isn’t changing too drastically overall though updates to abilities will give the class new tricks; the Enchanter is getting extra tools to support party members; and the Cleric will see a playstyle that uses absorption abilities and mitigation spells to stop damage in the first place, as well as anti-undead skills, new utility items that can be summoned, and a more melee-oriented skillset overall to put the Cleric on the front line.

The video then took a deep-dive into various updates to character models and character animations, with some side-by-side comparisons of old models vs. new ones and granular detail about nearly every aspect of the updates from rigging to armor fitting. The total amount of work on these updated models should be done sometime by spring 2023, though that may change based on length of time for edits and other needed work.

As readers might recall, Pantheon’s next pre-alpha test was set for earlier this month, but problems with networking integration saw it pushed back, and there’s no new date for when pre-alpha will go live in this new stream. That said, there is progress to take in for those invested in this PvE sandbox.

source: YouTube
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