Dual Universe’s launch is tripped up by bugs, performance issues, and problems with subscriptions


No MMO launch plan survives contact with the enemy (aka access by players at scale), so knowing that yesterday’s launch of Dual Universe had some tripping points isn’t particularly surprising. All the same, the problems that have sprung up around the sandbox’s release are worth reporting regardless.

From a technical standpoint, players are reporting performance problems on Reddit and in Steam reviews, players are reporting crashes on the official forums, and those who want to play on GeForce Now are unable to access the game on the service. Members of the game’s subreddit have started to collate a bug megathread.

One of the more upsetting issues for players is related to subscription attribution. Dual Universe requires a subscription to play and those who are supposed to get digital access coupons (DACs) that grant a month of subscription time are not able to attribute the grant to their accounts. Novaquark is aware of the issue and has shut down the associated website while it works on the problem, and those who own at least one DAC will be able to access the game for free in the meantime.

sources: official forums (1, 2, 3, 4), Steam, Reddit (1, 2, 3)
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