EVE Online introduces new multi-month Omega subscription plans


Remember back in April when EVE Online announced that it was raising the price of its monthly Omega subscription plan? Remember how angry people were getting about it? Well, CCP Games may be trying to entice people who felt the price hike was too much by offering new multi-month subscriptions that are discounted when compared to the monthly cost of Omega.

These new plans come in three, six, and 24-month plans, and they further confer a PLEX discount to the previously existing 12-month plan; these discounts range between 20% to 45% when compared to the regular monthly sub price. “The introduction of the new Omega options and the new pricing means a wider range of per-month savings are available. In short, the more you spend in PLEX, the more you save off the full monthly cost of Omega,” touts the announcement.

As for player reaction to the news? We’re going to call it mixed: Some fans are pointing out the PLEX costs are indeed generally lower, while others are claiming these new options are a last-ditch effort by CCP to pad fourth quarter numbers. Speaking of numbers, the game’s September econ report is available.

sources: official site 1, 2), Reddit
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