Tower of Fantasy arrives to Steam with its newly released Vera content update in tow


Starting today, players of Tower of Fantasy get to play in the sand and invite some new friends along. The Vera content update has officially gone live, bringing with it some surprises along with its already discussed series of features.

One of the big updates is the game’s official launch on Steam, complete with the Vera content patch. What’s more, the Steam version is fully cross-platform and has cross-progression features available for those who want to shuffle their characters around. The link above has an FAQ on how to do just that along with other answers.

Another surprising feature is an update for controller users that includes an interface cursor function and several optimization fixes, while more features like customized configuration, support for PlayStation controllers, and more UI input prompts are still in the works. Otherwise the update has all of the other bells and whistles that Hotta Studio has been touting, like the new desert region and its cyberpunk central city, new quests, new fights, a level cap raise, and new Simulacrum additions. The game is also kicking off a host of events and opening new servers.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2), Steam
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