World of Warcraft covers more of the Dracthyr history with the latest installment of Legacies

Breathe a zap.

So we’ve had a tour through draconic history in World of Warcraft over the first couple of installments of the Legacies animated shorts. But we still need to understand what the Dracthyr were made to do as well as why they wound up stuck in limbo until now, and that’s what the latest short aims to cover. If you’ve been wondering “why did Neltharion wind up turning evil and then sealing away the Dracthyr,” well, here’s your answer.

Just politely ignore the fact that we already had an answer for the former question, please.

The whole short is just below and certainly appears to wrap up the Legacies series rather decisively, so if you want a foundation to build your Dracthyr’s story upon or just want to see how the story’s conflicts are being laid out, it’s a must-watch. If you just like motion comics and you enjoy dragons, you’ll probably enjoy this, too. Now featuring at least 40% more Titan relics than other dragon-related lore!

Source: YouTube
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