Lord of the Rings Online enters the final phase of testing for Beyond the Shadow


So yesterday, November 8th, was supposed to be the day that Lord of the Rings Online’s Before the Shadow launched. But of course, on Friday of last week, Standing Stone Games postponed the release by a week until November 15th. That means there’s a week still to go. And how will SSG spend that final week? With more testing, of course.

The Bullroarer test server whirred to life late last night and will stay open through tomorrow afternoon with new changes for update 34 in tow; most notably, this third leg of testing includes multiple tweaks for delvings, delving package rewards, delving barter vendors, character selection music, and monster play creep buffs, as well as bug fixes for several missions. The first two bosses of the six-person Sarch Vorn, the Black Grave, dungeon are also previewable, along with a raft of smaller touches on most classes.

As readers already know, Before the Shadow is being marketed as a paid mini-expansion that includes new zones, the new newbie experience, the delving system, class revisions, and quality-of-life upgrades that will hopefully make Middle-earth a better place to play.

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