Neverwinter brings the Harvester of Nightmares around once more on November 17

What the heck is horse sugar.

Imagine introducing yourself as the Harvester of Nightmares in a bar to someone you’re trying to pick up. He’s gorgeous, and you’re swirling your finger around the rim of your glass, and he asks you, “What do you do for a living?” How do you think that conversation is going to go? Do you think this ends well for you? What we’re getting at here is that perhaps it’s a good thing that Neverwinter’s Harvester of Nightmares event featuring the eponymous monster does not involve the option to date it.

What it does feature is the opportunity for player characters to drive back the shadowy creature by invading the Nightmare Realm, culminating in a fight against a nightmarish version of an existing boss in an arena resembling a distorted version of Protector’s Enclave. And you do this to safeguard dreams! Also to earn reward tokens, because of course you do. If that all sounds like fun for you, jump in on Thursday and make the most of it before the Harvester of Nightmare departs once more on December 8th.

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