No Man’s Sky adds redux expeditions and a laundry list of bug fixes to the Steam experimental branch


What’s coming next to No Man’s Sky? A whole lot of bug fixing if the experimental branch build that went live yesterday is any indication. Players of the game on Steam can opt-in to this new experimental build and see if any of the bugbears they’ve found recently aren’t addressed in the new patch.

As one might expect, a lot of the fixes in question are pretty targeted, attacking things like animation glitches, missing details in UI elements, material spawning issues, and more, though there are some quality-of-life features sprinkled in like broken tools having a red highlight, multi-tools from Sentinel Hives now being free but having broken slots that need to be repaired, and the addition of an “other” filter in the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion’s shop interface.

One of the more intriguing parts of this new build is the introduction of “redux” versions of previous multiplayer expeditions. As the name suggests, these new redux expeditions are shorter versions of expeditions players have seen and offer the same rewards as well as bonus Quicksilver. Players can expect these to launch during the holiday period, just in case anyone missed out on previous expeditions. Incidentally, future expeditions will carry a set of minimum difficulty settings similar to permadeath mode.

source: Steam
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