PlanetSide 2 PC celebrates the Auraximas season on live, tests repository hacking changes


The Christmas season has once again arrived to the PC version of the large-scale FPS PlanetSide 2 with the return of Auraximas, the regular seasonal holiday event that’s running between now and January 1st, which promises new events, items, and missions for players to take up.

The primary directive is… well, the seasonal directive tied to the event, which tasks players with killing snowmen and mudmen, reviving allies, earning kills with holiday weapons like free festive bricks of C4 or new weapons in the cash shop, and running over foes in a vehicle while wearing a holiday hat; it’s clearly the holiday season like only PS2 can celebrate. The patch that brought on Auraximas has also added updates to the mission system and several bug fixes.

On the subject of updates, some tweaks to hacking repositories in CTF are currently available on PTS: Hacking a repository now triggers a 30 second transition period before converting to the hacker’s faction, which in turn opens a window for the previously controlling faction to “counter-hack” the repository. The PTS build also features a few smaller changes and fixes on top.

source: official site (1, 2)
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